Writing and translation questions - technology - Higher

Here, there will be a paragraph to translate. The overall meaning of the text needs to be conveyed and verbs are particularly important - using the wrong verb ending or tense could lead to ambiguity.


Translate the following passage into Spanish.

I went shopping yesterday and I bought a new laptop. It has a very big screen. I like surfing the net and reading the news. I want to send emails to my friends. My parents say that chat rooms have lots of risks, but I don't agree. I am going to do my homework and listen to the radio online.

Example translation:

Fui de compras ayer y compré un portátil nuevo. Tiene una pantalla muy grande. Me gusta navegar la red y leer las noticias. Quiero enviar correos electrónicos a mis amigos. Mis padres dicen que las salas de chat tienen muchos riesgos, pero no estoy de acuerdo. Voy a hacer mis deberes y escuchar la radio en línea.

At first glance, this text seems straightforward, but there are lots of tricky parts that need careful thought. There isn't only one correct translation, so it's important to look at the passage as a whole. If you leave gaps or miss words out that you don't know, then you will lose the meaning, which is more important than translating passages word for word.

Consider meaning as well as grammar when translating. Remember to go back through your work and check it carefully for errors. Check articles, spellings, adjective agreements, verb endings, etc.
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