Writing and translation questions - technology - Foundation

Here are five sentences in English on the theme of Technology in everyday life. Read them carefully before starting to translate. Remember that there is no need to translate the sentences word for word but tenses and timeframes do need to be correct.

Teenagers using different mobile devices outdoors.

Translate the following sentences into Spanish.

  1. I use technology every day.
  2. I don't have a computer in my bedroom.
  3. I want to buy a new mobile phone.
  4. I prefer text messages because they are practical.
  5. Yesterday I downloaded a film.
  1. Utilizo la tecnología todos los días. You could use uso instead of utilizo and cada día would be accepted for 'every day' as well. Don't forget that tecnología needs la in front of it.
  2. No tengo ordenador en mi dormitorio. This is a negative sentence, so make sure you have no at the front. It is more usual to leave the un out in front of ordenador but you would still get the mark if you included it.
  3. Quiero comprar un teléfono móvil nuevo. You don't have to say teléfono móvil - you could just say móvil - but don't forget the accents. It changes the meaning very slightly if you wrote un nuevo teléfono móvil (a newly acquired mobile phone, instead of a brand new phone) but it would still be correct.
  4. Prefiero los mensajes de texto porque son prácticos. Here los mensajes de texto is a plural noun so the adjective práctico has to agree.
  5. Ayer descargué una película. This sentence is in the past tense so you need to use the preterite. Descargar is a key verb for this theme so make sure you can use it in the past, present and future.