Get listening

Technology is a hot topic in the media and society. Spanish speakers are likely to be found discussing their opinions about mobile phones, computers and other technologies in cafés and city streets all over the world. Meanwhile, social media is often the subject of news reports.

Not everyone will share the same points of view. It's essential to be able to understand and use a variety of ways of expressing opinions and reasons. Here are some key phrases to listen for:

Pienso que ...I think that ...
Creo que ...I believe that ...
Me parece que ...It seems to me that ...
En mi opinión ...In my opinion ...
A mi modo de ver ...As I see it ...
Prefiero ...I prefer ...
Odio ...I hate ...
Lo que (no) me gusta es ...What I (don't) like is ...

It might not always be clear what an extract is about before you hear it.

Listen to Rosa.


What is she discussing?

She is talking about apps. There is no need to go into extra detail unless it is asked for.


Creo que es una pérdida de dinero descargar aplicaciones nuevas porque no son muy útiles.


I think that it is a waste of money downloading new apps because they are not very useful.

Now listen to Jorge.


What two things does he say?

AHe doesn't have time to use apps
BHe uses a fitness app at the gym
CHe uses an app at home
DHe thinks the app is good value
EHe uses the app twice a day

Write the correct letters.

The correct answers are C and E.

He says no tengo tiempo para ir al gimnasio (I don't have time to go to the gym) so it can't be A. He says that he uses the app en casa (at home) which means that it can't be B. Although numbers are mentioned, these have nothing to do with cost and he does not mention the price of the app so D is not mentioned either.


No tengo tiempo para ir al gimnasio, pero uso una aplicación de ejercicios para ponerme en forma en casa. Hago circuitos de ocho minutos de entrenamiento de alta intensidad dos veces al día.


I don't have time to go to the gym, but I use an exercise app to get in shape. I do circuits of eight minutes of high intensity training twice a day.

You may also be given instructions in Spanish. Read the question carefully to understand what is expected.

Una amiga española, Raquel, está hablando de las aplicaciones.


Selecciona la frase correcta.

Según Raquel, su app preferida es ...


Escribe la letra correcta.

A - Raquel says todos mis amigos la usan (all of my friends use it) which means that it is popular, so the answer has to be A instead of B (free) and C (fun).


Según Raquel, le gusta ...

Asacar fotos
Beditar las fotos
Ccolgar las fotos

Escribe la letra correcta.

B - Raquel says lo que prefiero es editar las fotos con efectos especiales (what I prefer is editing the photos with special effects) which means the answer has to be B instead of A (taking photos) and C (uploading photos).


Mi aplicación preferida es una app de fotos y mensajes porque todos mis amigos la usan. Lo que prefiero es editar las fotos con efectos especiales.


My favourite app is a photo and messaging app because all my friends use it. What I prefer is editing the photos with special effects.