Video conferencing

Businesswoman making video call to business partner using laptop
Video conferencing can save a company time and money on travel

Video conferencing means technology can provide a video-link between two or more people. Instead of just talking to someone by telephone, you can see them as well.

Video conferencing can be used by the human resources department to conduct interviews. This will save the company time and money on travel but still allows the interviewer to see the potential candidate’s appearance and body language.

Internet – can be used by candidates to complete on-line application forms.

This will speed up the recruitment process and save money for the organisation.

The Internet can also be used to advertise jobs online which increases the number of potential applicants.

Electronic testing – can be used to help in the selection process.

Candidates can complete on-line tests, either in the office or from home.

These tests can then be electronically marked. This allows the company to better compare potential employees’ abilities.