Getting started

Here is some useful vocabulary to get you started.

dhá phingin2p
cúig pingine5p
deich bpingine10p
fiche pingin20p
caoga pingin50p
dhá phunt£2
cúig phunt£5
deich bpunt£10
fiche punt£20
caoga punt£50
caoga punt

Using numbers

  • Using the numbers 2-6, we aspirate (add a séimhiú to) the noun - eg dhá phunt
  • Using the numbers 7-10, we eclipse (add a urú to) the noun - eg ocht bpingine
  • Using multiples of 10, we do nothing to the noun - eg tríocha punt
Pingin does not follow the regular rules for counting most nouns. A penny is pingin and two pence becomes dhá phingin. However for three to six pence, we add an e to make it pingine, and we don't lenite the noun (i.e. add a seimhiú). For seven to ten pence, just like most nouns, we eclipse/add an urú (in this case, b) to make it bpingine. In multiples of ten, we make no changes to the noun - for example, fiche pingin and caoga pingin.


aon phingin déag11p
dhá phingin déag12p
trí pingine déag13p
seacht bpingine déag17p
ocht bpingine déag18p
naoi bpingine déag19p
dhá phingin 's fiche22p
seacht bpingine 's fiche27p
ocht bpunt 's fiche£28