Orthodox dress

Jewish men have three items of traditional clothing:

1. Tallit - this is a piece of white cloth which is normally worn during morning prayer. It is also often worn in the synagogue.

A Jewish man wears a tallit, also known as a prayer shawl

2. Kippah - this is a thin, rounded skullcap worn by Orthodox men (or men and women within Reform Judaism). It is worn as a sign of respect for God.

A Jewish man wears a kippah as a sign of respect for God

3. Kittel - this is a robe worn by Jewish leaders (and sometimes by the head of a household during the Seder meal). It is white, knee-length and made of cotton.

Orthodox married Jewish women often wear a hat or scarf on their head in order to cover their hair. Orthodox women are expected to dress modestly with appropriate items of clothing. During Shabbat they may wear white aprons.