David discovers Alan has survived the wreck and left word that David should follow him to his homeland of Appin. While David meets several people along the way, including a blind robber, he avoids any dangers. A religious instructor he meets helps him to find a boat to Appin.

When David arrives in Appin, he meets a group of four men on horseback. One of the men is Colin Campbell, the King's Agent for the area. The Campbell clan are hated by Alan and his clan. While David is speaking to him, Campbell is shot and killed by an unknown shooter. David is accused of distracting Campbell so he could be shot. David is rescued by Alan, who has been fishing nearby.

Alan and David are now murder suspects, so they flee to the woods. Alan swears he had nothing to do with the murder but must now draw attention away from the real killer. David accepts this and they escape to the home of James of the Glens. James gives them clothes and money, but says he will have to put out wanted notices accusing them of the murder to avoid blame.

David and Alan agree and are soon fleeing through the wilderness once more. They hide for a whole day on top of a large rock while soldiers roam below, searching for them. They escape to a hideout where they rest and send to James for money for Alan's escape to France. The messenger returns to say James has been arrested.

The two head across Rannoch Moor. When they rest David falls asleep and a troop of soldiers nearly takes them by surprise. They manage to escape and hide before being ambushed by men of Cluny Macpherson, a Highland leader. He takes them into his hideout in a cave on Ben Alder. While David sleeps, Alan and Cluny play cards and Alan gambles away their money. Cluny agrees to return it, offended they thought he would keep it. David is angry that Alan gambled it away and he has had to swallow his pride to ask for it back. Alan feels guilty for having gambled it away.

Alan and David continue towards the Lowlands, but David is angry with him. Alan is sorry at first but then he turns on David and taunts him for being a Whig (Whigs were supporters of King George). Alan is a Jacobite, meaning he wants a Stuart king. David impatiently insults Alan's honour, but knowing he has gone too far, he says he is dying and Alan takes him to a house.

Over the course of a month, David recovers. There is a tricky moment when Alan meets Robin Oig, a son of Rob Roy Macgregor, also called Campbell. The two duel, but instead of using weapons they play the bagpipes. The two men quickly respect one another and trouble is avoided.