A tuning fork has a frequency of 440 Hz.

  1. What does a frequency of 440 Hz mean?
  2. Calculate the period of vibration.
  1. A frequency of 440 Hz means that the prongs of the tuning fork vibrate 440 times every second.
  2. \text{period T =}~\frac{\text{1}}{\text{f}}

\text{period T =}~\frac{\text{1}}{\text{440 Hz}}

T = 0.0023 s = 2.3 x 10-3 s or 2.3 ms.

The period of vibration is 0.0023 s.

Key point

There are three equations for calculating frequency:

  • \text{frequency f =}~\frac{\text{number of waves to pass a point}}{\text{time taken in seconds}}
  • \text{f =}~\frac{\text{v}}{\text{λ}}
  • \text{f =}~\frac{\text{1}}{\text{T}}

Use the information given in the question to select the appropriate equation to use.

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