Listening practice - sport and fitness regimes

Watch the video then answer the questions below.

Laura describes her fitness regime


At the start of the video, why is Laura pleased with yesterday's football match?

Her team won / she scored two goals. She says: 'Ayer jugué al fútbol con mi equipo y ganamos. Marqué dos goles.' (Yesterday I played football with my team and we won. I scored two goals.)


When exactly does Laura usually go to the gym?

On Mondays after school. Laura says: 'Normalmente, voy al gimnasio los lunes después de salir de clase.' (Normally, I go to the gym on Mondays after school.)


When does Laura not have a football match on Wednesdays? What is the reason for this?

In August. Because it's too hot. She mentions: 'Juego un partido todos los miércoles. Pero en agosto no jugamos porque hace demasiado calor.' (I play a match every Wednesday. But we don't play in August because it's too hot.)


What is the main reason that Laura loves playing a football match on Saturdays?

It's fun. She says: 'Los sábados siempre tengo partido con mi equipo. ¡Es muy competitivo! Me encanta porque es sociable, pero sobre todo porque es divertido.' (I always have a match with my team on Saturdays. It's very competitive! I love it because it's sociable, but above all because it's fun.)


Why doesn't Laura go to watch Atlético Madrid play anymore?

She lives too far from the new stadium/ it's on the outskirts of the city. She explains: 'Cuando era más pequeña, iba al estadio para ver los partidos, pero ahora vivo demasiado lejos del estadio nuevo. Está en las afueras de la ciudad.' (When I was younger, I used to go to the stadium to see the games, but now I live too far away from the stadium. It's on the outskirts of the city.)