Writing and translation questions - charities - Foundation

Here are five sentences in English on the theme of social and global issues. Read them carefully before starting to translate. Remember to check that your tenses and timeframes are correct.


Translate these sentences into Spanish.

  1. It's important to help the poor.
  2. Sometimes, I work in a charity shop.
  3. Last week, I donated money to a charity.
  4. There is too much violence in the world.
  5. I'm a volunteer in a food bank.
  1. Es importante ayudar a los pobres.
  2. A veces trabajo en una tienda solidaria/una tienda con fines benéficos.
  3. La semana pasada doné dinero a una obra/organización benéfica.
  4. Hay demasiada violencia en el mundo.
  5. Soy voluntario/a en un banco de alimentos.