Listening practice - part-time jobs

Listen to Amalia talking about her part-time job.

Girl wearing apron smiling behind bakery
  1. What is essential in her job?
  2. What does she need to improve?
  1. A positive attitude.
  2. Her communication skills.

She says: Los fines de semana trabajo en una pastelería. Es un trabajo variado y es esencial demostrar una actitud positiva. Soy una persona bastante tímida entonces tengo que mejorar mis habilidades comunicativas. (At the weekend, I work in a cake shop. It's a varied job and it's essential to demonstrate a positive attitude. I'm quite a shy person so I have to improve my communication skills.)

Now listen to Ruben talking about his work experience.

Businesswoman talking to boy with files on desk in office
  1. What did he learn?
  2. What will he try to do in the future?
  1. To work in a team.
  2. Show leadership ability.

He says: Para mis prácticas laborales pasé una semana trabajando en una oficina. Mis compañeros de trabajo eran muy simpáticos y aprendí a trabajar en equipo con ellos. En el futuro intentaré mostrar capacidad de liderazgo. (For my work experience, I spent a week working in an office. My work colleagues were very nice and I learned to work in a team with them. In the future, I will try to show leadership ability.)