Actions taken by the Nazis

The Nazis came to power due to the actions they took as well as world events.

Appealing to all Germans

Actions taken by the Nazis gained support from many Germans. They promised that they would help many different Germans:

  • Socialists – they promised that farmers would be given their land and public industries would be owned by the state.
  • Nationalists – they promised that Germany would be strong.
  • Racists – they promised that Jews would not be German citizens.
  • Fascists – they promised a strong central government.
  • Businessmen, landowners and the rich – they promised more business and protection from the communists.
  • The unemployed and workers – they promised an increase in employment and wages.

Popular leadership

Hitler making a speech
Hitler was a popular public speaker

  • Hitler was a popular and effective public speaker.
  • He used speeches to tell many Germans that the Nazis would help them.
  • He used simple language that was easy to remember.
  • He seemed to be someone who cared about the German people.

Use of propaganda

  • Josef Goebbels was in charge of raising support for the Nazis.
  • The Nazis used radio, rallies, newspapers and posters to campaign.
  • The Nazis used simple slogans to introduce their ideas and to make them appeal to the ordinary people of Germany.