Impact on society

Not all products are designed for the mass market - there are some groups of people who have specific needs that need to be met. This can be achieved either through inclusive design or through specific products.

Physical disabilities

Products aimed at users with physical disabilities will ensure they can use the product with ease. User needs are met by understanding the nature of the physical disability, eg visual impairments, mobility restrictions or motor control. The range of everyday products that help to increase independence continues to grow.

A blind person uses a computer with a braille keyboard.
Braille keyboard


When designing products aimed at elderly users, it is important to understand the difficulties this user group may experience, such as mobility issues, visual impairment and hearing loss. An example of a product aimed at this group is a long shoehorn, which will allow an elderly person to put a shoe on without having to bend down.

An elderly man sliding into his shoes with the aid of a long-handled shoehorn.

Religious groups

Religious groups have a variety of preferences that can be addressed through design. The use of certain symbols, dietary restrictions and clothing requirements all need to be considered so that beliefs are upheld.