Performing and composing ideas

There are techniques for composing and performance in Killer Queen that are usual for popular music genres, but also could be used across most music genres.

Studio effects/effects pedalLike in Killer Queen, studio and live effects can change the sound or add different layers to a recording.Adding effects such as reverb and panning can enhance the production of the composition. It is a way of manipulating the sound of an instrument.
Verse-chorus structureThink about how each section can be performed differently to keep it interesting.Develop each verse or chorus to keep compositions interesting.
ImitationPerformers should know whether they are the imitators, or the imitated. This effect will change the dynamic and expressive decisions they make.Imitation is useful in joining up the different melodies between instruments and to create links into solos.
Compound timeEnsure that music in fast compound time has a bounce to each beat. Subdividing the main pulse helps.Compound time can give a piece of music more energy, flow and a swung or shuffle feel.
Melody-led homophonyCreate a good balance between the melody and accompaniment.Use the accompaniment instruments as a block, with a different melody line above.