Three and four mark questions

These are similar to one and two mark questions but you will be expected to write in more depth for three and four mark questions.

Three and four mark questions usually require longer answers.

Sample question 1 - Foundation and Higher


An apple drops from the branch of a tree. It falls freely, then lands on the ground. Describe the energy changes and transfers that occur. [3 marks]

Edexcel question courtesy of Pearson Education Ltd.

The apple initially has gravitational potential energy [1]. As it falls, the gpe is transformed into kinetic energy [1]. When the apple lands, the energy is transferred to the surroundings (heat and sound) [1].

Sample question 2 - Foundation and Higher


A coffee shop sells coffee to take-away in polystyrene cups. Explain why polystyrene is a suitable material for take-away coffee cups. [3 marks]

This question has been written by a Bitesize consultant as a suggestion to the type of question that may appear in an exam paper.

Polystyrene is an insulator/poor conductor [1]. This reduces heat loss through the sides of the cup [1]. It keeps the coffee warm/reduces the chance of it burning the customer [1].