Plot - Exam practice

One day, Mr Kelly sets that class with an examination practice. Pupils are instructed to:

Imagine you are going on a journey. Describe where you are going and what things you would take with you.

Mary writes her entire piece in hieroglyphics. She imagines that, as well as a pen and paper for doing hieroglyphics and a picture of a dug she would take her mammy and her sisters Catherine an Elizabeth. Their journey would be over water, and she imagines what person she would take. Following the exercise, Mary is instructed to collect in the class's compositions. When doing this, she notices that there were:

different kinds a haunwritin: squinty, straight, big or wee, different sizes and shapes on the page.

When she has collected all the papers, Mary realises that she forgot to put her name on hers, so she drew a picture of herself with a happy face on it. The story ends with Mary confidently placing her story:

right on tap ae the pile

and then placing the whole lot doon in the centre of his [Mr Kelly's] desk.