Bruce's return

Bruce returned to the mainland in early 1307 and was more successful:

  • In February 1307 – he defeated a small English force at Glen Trool.
  • In May 1307 – he defeated the main English force at Loudoun Hill.
  • In July 1307 - Edward I died near the Scottish border. His successor King Edward II decided to return to England.

Neil Oliver describes Bruce's victories and illness in the video below.

Scottish civil war

Bruce was now able to concentrate on strengthening his control over the Scottish nobles, many of whom still supported the Comyn claim to the throne. Bruce took actions which caused a civil war:

  • Spring 1308 – Bruce defeated the Earl of Buchan at the Battle of Inverurie.
  • Summer 1308 – the Herschip of Buchan. Bruce punished his enemies by completely destroying their lands in the North-east.