Speaking practice - making a complaint in a restaurant - Higher

Example role play

Usted está en un restaurante en Argentina. Hable con el/la dueño/a.

  • Comida - problema.
  • !
  • Solución.
  • Restaurante - opinión.
  • ? Postre.
The bullet points give an idea of what will be asked, so use these to prepare what you will say. Where there is an exclamation mark (!), a surprise question will be asked and where there is a question mark (?), you will need to ask a question yourself.

What would you say for this role play? You are talking to the boss of a restaurant in Argentina. Remember to use the usted form.

Click to listen to a sample answer.


- Sí señor, ¿Cuál es el problema?

- Mi pizza está fría.

- Lo siento. ¿Qué comida ha pedido?

- Pedí una pizza con queso y jamón.

- ¿Qué solución recomienda?

- Me gustaría otra pizza.

- Aparte del problema, ¿cuál es su opinión sobre este restaurante?

- Creo que el restaurante es muy caro.

- Vale.

- ¿Hay un menú de postres?

- Sí claro. Aquí tiene.


- Yes sir, what is the problem?

- My pizza is cold.

- I'm sorry. What meal did you order?

- I ordered a pizza with cheese and ham.

- What solution do you recommend?

- I would like another pizza.

- Apart from the problem, what is your opinion of this restaurant?

- I think the restaurant is very expensive.

- OK.

- Is there a dessert menu?

- Yes, of course. Here it is.

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