Star Wars

Lola and Luke analyse the Main Title and Rebel Blockade Runner from the Star Wars film

In 1977 A New Hope was the first instalment of the original trilogy of Star Wars films. The story is set in a galaxy which is oppressed by the menacing Galactic Empire. Its freedom is fought for by the struggling Rebel Alliance, led by the heroes and heroines of the film. It was directed by George Lucas and at the time became the highest grossing film in history.

George Lucas employed John Williams after his Oscar-winning score for the Stephen Spielberg film Jaws, in 1975. The Star Wars franchise is estimated to be worth $41.9 billion.

John Williams imagined how a child would watch Star Wars and used this reimagining to help write the musical themes and leitmotifs of the characters.

Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra recorded the Star Wars score in just 12 days.