Communicable Diseases

Bacterial communicable diseases

DiseaseMicroorganism Spread Control/Prevention/Treatment
Salmonella food poisoningBacteriumContaminated foodPrevention: Always cook food thoroughly. Do not mix cooked and uncooked foods. Treatment: Antibiotics.
TuberculosisBacteriumAirborneTreatment: Antibiotics.
ChlamydiaBacteriumSexual contactPrevention: Using a condom. Treatment : Antibiotics.

Fungal communicable diseases

Disease Microorganism Spread Control/Prevention/Treatment
Athlete’s footFungusContactPrevention: Avoiding direct contact with spores (e.g. wear flip flops in changing rooms). Treatment Anti-fungal treatment.
Potato blightFungusSpores are spread in the air from plant to plant (especially in humid, warm conditions).Prevention: Crop rotation. Treatment: Fungicide.
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