Political parties

Showing the differences between US Republican and Democratic parties

Two parties dominate American politics, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party

  • is conservative
  • traditionally stands for business, small government and low taxation
  • has a strong support base among white Christian voters
  • these voters tend to disapprove of liberal causes such as abortion rights and gay marriage

The Democratic Party

  • the USA’s oldest political party
  • generally more liberal on social issues e.g. rights for minorities, abortion and assistance for the poor
  • more likely to believe in a bigger role for government in the economy, e.g. providing health insurance
  • more likely to support workers’ rights and issues such as the national minimum wage
  • trade unions are a strong base of support for the Democrats
  • large cities tend to have more Democratic Party supporters
  • traditionally the home of “liberals” - environmentalists, people who are anti-war, support a woman’s right to choose abortion, or support gay marriage