Immediate future and its formation

The immediate future tense is the most common way of talking about future plans. It is formed with the present tense of ir (to go), followed by a + the infinitive.

For example:

  • (yo)voy + a + infinitive (eg salir)
  • (tú)vas + a + infinitive (eg visitar)
  • (él/ella/usted)va + a + infinitive (eg vivir)
  • (nosotros)vamos + a + infinitive (eg salir)
  • (vosotros)vais + a + infinitive (eg jugar)
  • (ellos/ellas/ustedes)van + a + infinitive (eg comer)

Here are some examples:

  • Voy a jugar con mis primos (I'm going to play with my cousins).
  • Vamos a salir a las ocho (We are going to go out at eight).
  • ¿Vais a ir a Francia? (Are you going to go to France?)

Translate the sentences into Spanish using the immediate future tense.

  1. I am going to live in Miami.
  2. Soraya is going to work in London.
  3. We are going to eat in a restaurant.
  4. Are you () going to play tennis?
  1. Voy a vivir en Miami.
  2. Soraya va a trabajar en Londres.
  3. Vamos a comer en un restaurante.
  4. ¿Vas a jugar al tenis?