Separating mixtures

The substances in a mixture are relatively easy to separate, because they are not chemically joined to each other.

A mixed pile of sweets is separated into four piles of different colours - red, green, yellow and purple.The components of a mixture can be separated without chemical reactions

We will look at five different ways of separating mixtures:

The following terms are useful to know when thinking about separating mixtures.

  • a solute is the substance that dissolves in a solvent.
  • a solvent is the liquid in which a solute dissolves.
  • a solution is a solute dissolved in a solvent.
  • a soluble substance is one which will dissolve in a solvent.
  • an insoluble substance is one which does not dissolve in a solvent.
  • a filtrate is a filtered solution.
  • a residue is a solid left behind after filtration.
  • a distillate is a liquid produced by distillation.
  • miscible liquids are ones that can mix together.
  • immiscible liquids cannot be mixed together.
  • evaporation is when a liquid is heated and changes state into a gas.
  • condensation is when a gas cools and changes state into a liquid.