A formulation is a mixture that has been designed to do something useful. It is formed by mixing together several different substances in carefully measured quantities to ensure the product has the required properties.

AlloyAn alloy is a mixture of two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal, and the resulting mixture has metallic properties. An alloy has different properties from the metals it contains. Most alloys are made by melting the metals, mixing them together in liquid form, then leaving them to cool and become solid again.stainless steel
MedicineMedical drugs contain ingredients other than the active drug. These ingredients may help prevent an upset stomach, allow the timed release of the drug, or hold the tablet together.Calpol® is a formulation of paracetamol and liquid flavourings
FertiliserFertilisers contain nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) compounds. The quantities of each vary depending on the plants they are used to fertilise.NPK fertilsers
Formulations are also used in food, fuels, paints and cleaning products.