Why businesses recruit

The recruitment process enables a business to obtain the staff that they require to fulfil specific job roles. These staff may need to be recruited to replace employees who have left, or because the business is growing, or because the business needs staff with specific skills.

Replacing employees who leave

Staff may leave a job for a number of reasons. They may have gained a promotion, either within the business or in another business, they may have retired, or they may be leaving to do something completely different. In addition, some staff will leave because they have been sacked.

Whatever the reason for leaving, if the job is still required then the business will need to recruit a new member of staff.

Business growth

As a business grows it will need more staff to cope with the increase in sales and production, or to run any new branches that have been opened.

Skills gaps

Skills gaps occur when a business is lacking staff with the skills that they require. Skilled staff are often short in supply and can be difficult to recruit. Examples in the UK include skilled engineers and healthcare staff, who are often recruited from overseas.

Businesses that have a skills gapwill also often look to train existing staff in order to upskill them so that they have the skills the business is looking for.