Writing questions - sport - Foundation

Photo-based writing task

When describing a photo, it's essential to be able to write clearly and concisely. Here, you are going to write 20-30 words to describe what you can see. You also need to give an opinion on team sports. Try to keep it simple and use some of these structures.

En la foto...In the photo...
Veo...I see...
Hay...There is/there are...
Se puede ver...You can see...

Estás en España en un intercambio escolar. Publicas esta foto en las redes sociales para tus amigos.

Boys playing basketball outside

Describe la foto y da tu opinión sobre el deporte en equipo. Escribe aproximadamente 20-30 palabras en español.

Here is a sample answer.

En la foto hay seis chicos. Juegan al baloncesto al aire libre. Me encantan los deportes en equipo porque puedo jugar con mis amigos.

(In the photo there are six boys. They are playing basketball outdoors. I love team sports because I can play with my friends.)