A day in the life of a medieval lord

A medieval lord with his valets
A medieval lord with his valets
DawnHear Mass, followed by a breakfast of white bread and wine.
MorningThe lord would speak with his reeve, the general manager for his manor. His lady would perhaps do embroidery. Knights and pages would practise fighting.
10amLunch was normally half-a-dozen simple dishes, but if the lord was entertaining guests there would be many more dishes as well as entertainments such as jesters, fools and jugglers.
AfternoonHunting or hawking, or chess and backgammon if the weather was bad.
Late afternoonPrayers, then a meal. If there were guests, this would be magnificent.
After supperListen to the news and stories brought by a travelling minstrel, or just sit and talk.
BedtimeWhen the lord decided he wished to go to bed, the household would have a light supper, say prayers and go to sleep.