Portfolio assignment

An industrial design diagram

As well as an exam, Design and Manufacture candidates are assessed on two linked assignments over the course of a year: a design assignment and a practical assignment.

The coursework recorded as part of the assignment should be resented in a portfolio with a maximum of seven A3 sheets of paper, a research form, and a planning for manufacture form.

Design assigment marking

The design assignment is worth 55 marks allocated against a series of assessed skills: -

  • Analysing a brief (8 marks)
  • Generating ideas (9 marks)
  • Developing ideas (20 marks)
  • Using models (6 marks)
  • Using graphics (6 marks)
  • Planning for manufacture (6 marks)

Some of the skill sections are broken down into further subsections each with a share of the marks available.

Within the design assignment, 'Analysing a brief' has 8 marks allocated to it. These marks are awarded as follows: -

  • Carrying out research (5 marks)
  • Incorporating research findings into a specification (3 marks)

'Developing ideas' has 20 marks allocated. They are broken down into the following subsections: -

  • Exploring ideas towards a proposal (6 marks)
  • Refining ideas towards a proposal (6 marks)
  • Applying knowledge and understanding of design (4 marks)
  • Applying knowledge and understanding of materials and manufacture (4 marks)

Practical assignment marking

The practical assignment is worth 45 marks. The practical assignment continues on from and carries out the design assigment. Marks are allocated according to demonstration of the following skills: -

  • Measuring and marking-out (9 marks)
  • Using hand and machine tools (18 marks)
  • Assembling components (5 marks)
  • Finishing (9 marks)
  • Evaluating (4 marks)