Stage positioning

Understanding the various positions on stage is important. During rehearsals, a director will work with performers to decide the blocking and will refer to nine separate positions on stage.

Everyone working on a show needs to understand these positions to know where people and objects should be at any time. For example, the stage management team need to know where set items are positioned on stage, and the lighting designer needs to know where performers are positioned to ensure that the correct part of the stage is lit up.

When blocking a play, the director will consider the use of space practically, ensuring that the audience can see what is happening on stage, but they will also consider how space might convey meaning. For example, two characters standing close together might show the audience they are good friends, whereas distance between them could convey conflict. This is known as proxemics.

Two men stand happy with an arm around each others' shoulder next to two woman who stand angry and apart with their backs to each other.