Listening questions - problems at school - Higher

Here is some useful vocabulary to talk about problems at school.

el acoso (escolar)(school) bullying
amenazarto threaten
el ataqueattack
golpearto hit
la intimidaciónbullying/intimidation
la presiónpressure

Listen to Jordi talking about school life.


Complete the gaps with a suitable answer in Spanish. You may need to add more than one word.

Jordi dice que _____________________ es un problema creciente. Otro problema que menciona es _____________________. Dice que los estudiantes tienen demasiados _____________________.

Jordi dice que el acoso (escolar) es un problema creciente. Otro problema que menciona es el estrés. Dice que los estudiantes tienen demasiados exámenes. (Jordi says that (school) bullying is a growing problem. Another problem he mentions is stress. He says that students have too many exams.)


El acoso escolar es un problema creciente en muchos lugares. Otra dificultad que encontraremos cada vez más es el estrés. Tenemos demasiados exámenes y hay mucha presión.


School bullying is a growing problem in many places. Another difficulty which we'll encounter more and more is stress. We have too many exams and there is a lot of pressure.

Now listen to Jordi again.

  1. What other type of problem does he mention?
  2. What happened in his class yesterday?
  1. He talks about psychological bullying(intimidación psicológica).
  2. A student in his class sent threatening messages to a classmate.


El acoso no solo se trata de ataques físicos cuando un alumno golpea a otro. Hay también muchos casos de intimidación psicológica. Ayer, por ejemplo, en mi clase un estudiante mandó mensajes desde su móvil amenazando a un compañero.


Bullying is not only a question of physical attacks, when one pupil hits another. There have also been some cases of psychological bullying. Yesterday, for example, a student in my class sent messages on his mobile threatening a classmate.