The Civil War

The Civil War divided the country and families.

The king’s supporters

'Cavaliers', the gentry of the northern and western areas, were Royalists and supported the king. At the start of the war Charles had better horsemen. Charles also used soldiers from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Most of the Royalists were conservative Protestants or Catholic.

Parliament’s supporters

'Roundheads', the merchants and traders of the south-east and London, supported Parliament. This gave Parliament much more money than the king. Parliament also controlled the navy. Many of the supporters were also Puritan.

A Newspaper front page with the title reading as "The Country's complaint" recounting the sad events of the late unparalleled rebellion

Timeline of the war

1642. The battle of Edgehill was a confused draw. Charles advanced as far as Turnham Green, five miles from London, but when 24,000 Londoners turned out to fight him, he turned back.