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Social media post about high school in Spanish

You have received this post on social media. Translate it into English for a friend.

No me gusta nada el instituto. Yo creo que hago muchos esfuerzos, pero nunca saco buenas notas. Cuando llegué a clase un poco tarde la semana pasada, me gritó el director y me dijo que soy muy perezoso.


I don't like school at all. I think that I make a lot of effort but I never get good marks. When I was a bit late for class last week, the head teacher shouted at me and told me that I am very lazy.

  • When translating from Spanish to English, remember to look out for the 'small' words. In the translation above, for example, it's important to look out for nada in the first sentence, muchos and nunca in the second, un poco, me and muy in the third.
  • Look carefully at the tenses of the verbs. Here, there are three verbs in the past tense.
  • Also, remember that word order can sometimes be different in Spanish so check your translation carefully.