Themes - Hope

Although Alison does not resolve her feelings of jealousy and sadness, the final scene of the story still evokes hope.

Alison persists in expressing her affection for her mother, who eventually returns this in a small way. She looks at her daughter mair soft like as they share a tender moment on Christmas Eve. Her mother also calls Alison by her name when she leaves the room, saying Night, Alison.

wee crack of light fallin across the bedclothes

When the department store Santa calls Alison by her name, it urges her to tell him her secret. This suggests she perceives it to be an act of familiarity, which evokes closeness. After they say goodnight, Alison's mother leaves the bedroom door open a little. The light symbolises a glimmer of hope amongst the darkness. It suggests that, although Alison's mother is detached, she may in future be more open and loving to Alison.

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