Characters - Alison

Alison is an emotionally sensitive and affectionate girl, who demonstrates throughout the story her strength of character. Like Clare from All That Glisters and Mary from Hieroglyphics, Alison faces challenging circumstances. She struggles with the jealousy she feels about her sister, which she has been affected by for as long as she can remember.

Alison's description of Katie as bubblin ower wi life contrasts with Alison's personality. Her lack of confidence causes her to be inward looking and shy.

ma sister is perfect

Alison's interior monologue reveals her upset that she does not receive the same attention or affection that Katie does. Despite this, Alison never complains to others. Unlike her younger self, as an eight-year-old Alison is a mature child. She does not direct her feelings of sadness and jealousy at her little sister.

Her sense of jealousy is perpetuated by her belief that her mother does not love her. She desires the same demonstration of love that her mother directs at her little sister. Although her mother often deflects Alison's attempts at physical affection, Alison persists despite finding the rejection difficult.

soft and squashy lik a marshmallow

Alison's descriptions of her mother highlight the love and tenderness she feels for her, describing her hair glowin like a halo. Alison does not express any feelings of anger at the mother's favouritism. Instead, Alison embodies the unquestioning love of a child for their mother.

Because Alison lacks confidence, she struggles to articulate her feelings out loud. When she reflects on her meeting with Santa, in which ah wanted tae tell him, ah tried tae tell him her wish, the repetition highlights her difficulty at expressing her innermost thoughts.