This method is predominantly used to evaluate the effectiveness of a development plan. This is because you will re-test a data gathering method at the end of your plan and make comparisons to the baseline measurement.

Re-testing can be used for all factors as long as the method used is appropriate to that factor.

Re-testing is when you use the same methods for the data gathering and evaluation processes at the start and end of your development plan. It involves:

  • completing methods in the exact same circumstances as your baseline measurement. If you did the initial method at home on your own, you would do the re-test at home on your own.
  • doing the method whilst in a similar mental state to the baseline measurement.

Having completed the re-test, you then compare the results to your baseline results and measure the differences. This lets you place a judgement on the success of your plan.

Below are benefits and limitations of using the re-test as an evaluation method.

Easy to make comparisons between the two sets of results to measure the success of the plan.If you carry out the re-test whilst in a low mood, you could be unfairly harsh on yourself which can lead to invalid comparisons and judgements being made.
Some re-testing methods like the PPW, can identify new areas for development which can help you set the appropriate next steps.
Having completed the method at the start of your development plan, it will be easy to complete and no mistakes should be made.

Let's now deconstruct re-testing and break it down into smaller parts. In doing this, we are identifying an important part in the process then showing why this part is important in making the process work.

  1. Complete your re-test in the exact same conditions as the baseline measurement so you do not have any additional distractions that can put you off completing the test. This will ensure that the process of completion will be similar and valid comparisons can be made.
  2. Complete your re-test with a similar mindset to the baseline measurement so you can complete both methods with similar feelings to your capabilities. Give judgements about yourself whilst feeling the same way makes comparisons valid.
  3. Have a coach read your re-test results so they can check how accurate they are. This will ensure your results are reliable and that accurate judgements on the success of your development plan can be made.
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