Training diary

An example of a training diary showing the date, plan, work completed, feelings and next steps.

This method can be used for all factors. It is predominantly used during monitoring processes. This is because it requires you to record information about every single session.

The training diary is a book with a page for each session. For each session, you record details on:

  • your session goal
  • what you did in the session
  • how you thought the session went

You would then use these thoughts and feelings to prepare for your next session.

For example, if you thought that positive self-talk was not helping you control your anger in one session, you could change the approach to deep breathing in the next session.

Below are benefits and limitations of using a training diary.

It is well laid out and easy to complete so you are unlikely to make mistakes completing it.If you forget to do it immediately after sessions your reflections may be inaccurate as not fresh in your mind
Provides a permanent record of information so you can make comparisons between sessions.
By putting in your thoughts and feelings, it lets you understand why something worked and helps with planning your next session.

Let's now deconstruct the training diary and break it down into smaller parts. In doing this, we are identifying an important part in the process then showing why this part is important in making the process work.

  1. Complete your training diary immediately after every session as your thoughts and feelings will be fresh in your head. This will ensure your entries are valid and can help you plan the appropriate next steps.
  2. You should have your coach check over your entries to ensure you have written the correct details about your session. This will ensure your entries are reliable and that accurate comparisons between sessions can be made.
  3. Leave the training diary at a secure location in the training ground so it's always there for you to access and write comments in. This will ensure you do not forget to take it with you and miss out on writing the correct session details and appropriate thoughts and feelings.