Hospitality outlets

Within the hospitality industry there are many outlets that provide food, drink or accommodation. Each of them will have a number of departments that must work together to ensure the business runs efficiently.

The size of the outlet will determine how many departments it has. A good example of an outlet that has many interdependent departments that help it run smoothly is a hotel.

Six aspects of a hotel.Departments in a hotel

In a hotel, the main departments are:

Food Preparation

The Food preparation department includes the backstage roles of food and drink service. This is where all food preparation and cooking takes place ready for service. It includes jobs such as chefs, kitchen assistants, and kitchen porters.

Food and Beverage Service

The Food and beverage service department is responsible for greeting guests and serving them food and drink. This includes jobs such as restaurant managers, waiters and bar tenders.

Front Office

This is the first chance the hotel has to make a good impression. This department includes reception areas and has an important influence on whether the customer returns. It is responsible for taking bookings for meals, functions, seminars and conferences.


Managers are the most senior level of staff working in the organisation. They're in charge of a specific area and the people who work there, as well as the day-to-day running of the business. They'll also be responsible for ensuring the business makes a profit.


The Administration department does not have direct contact with customers but is responsible for tasks like finance, purchasing and personnel. It works closely with all the other departments to check if profit is being made.