As soon as Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, he began to persecute the Jewish people:

Hitler's Brownshirts

Jewish persecution

1933: Hitler's 'brownshirts' were used to intimidate opponents

1933Hitler's 'brownshirts' stood outside Jewish shops and persuaded Germans to boycott them.
Summer 1935'Jews not wanted here' posters began to go up around Germany.
September 1935 The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jewish people of their civil rights. They were forbidden to vote and they were not allowed to marry Germans. Other laws were passed forbidding them to go out at night or own a bicycle, among other things.
9 November 1938Kristallnacht was when Jewish businesses, synagogues and homes were destroyed. Many Jewish men were killed or put in concentration camps.
January 1939Hitler accused the Jewish people of stirring up other countries against Germany. He threatened them with annihilation if a war broke out.