Factor interaction

Having learnt about the factors individually, it is important to consider how they interact with one another. Doing this effectively will help you be successful in:

How do you structure these answers?

These types of questions require you to bounce your answers between factors by showing how one factor can impact another.

Like answering for individual factors, there is a 3-step process to help you navigate your way through your answer:

A breakdown of how to answer a question about how one factor impacts another factor in Higher PE.

Analyse how social factors can impact emotional factors during performance. 

An example answer to this question could be:

  1. What is the primary factor (team dynamics), what is the secondary factor (resilience) and what is the specific situation (missed lay-up in basketball)? Good team dynamics can positively impact your teammate's resilience levels after they miss an easy lay-up in basketball.
  2. How does having good team dynamics cause your teammate to be more resilient? (primary factor, secondary factor and impact) This means that with your team encouraging your teammate to keep their head up, it makes it easier for them to bounce back and forget about the missed lay-up.
  3. How does this resilience now impact your teammate moving forward (how secondary factor impacts outcomeWhat is the outcome)? This leads to your teammate continuing to make the same offensive runs and scoring in future lay-up attempts.