Developments in cities

CBD developments in Glasgow

There have been many developments in recent years in different parts of cities. Many of them follow the same pattern but the tables below look specifically at Glasgow.

Shopping changes

ChangePositive impactNegative impact
Out-of-town shopping centres like Braehead and Silverburn have been built with plenty of free car parkingIndoor malls make shopping more enjoyable instead of bearing the cold and rain in the city centreCompetition with city centre retailers has meant that some shops in town have closed down
New retail parks and trading estates, eg Strathkelvin Retail Park on the edge of townShoppers can take home big and bulky goods in their carSome smaller companies have closed down as they can't compete
Pedestrianised shopping streets, eg Argyle Street and Buchanan StreetSafer and less polluted shopping environmentCars are restricted to other areas and congest neighbouring streets
New supermarkets open 24 hours in out-of-town locations, eg Tesco ExtraShoppers can buy everything they need and take advantage of services like opticians and dry cleaningSmaller shops can't compete, eg butchers and fishmongers are forced to close down

Transport changes

ChangePositive impactNegative impact
Improved public transport, eg bus lanes help to keep buses running on timeFewer people take their cars into the city centre so less congestionTravellers are inconvenienced if services are cancelled, eg because of bad weather
One way streets, eg Hope StreetAllows traffic to flow freely and move fasterDifficult for drivers to get around the city centre if they are unfamiliar with the restrictions
Park and Ride schemes, eg CumbernauldFewer cars in city centre so less congestionTrain fares are becoming more expensive
Reduced on-street parking with multi-storey car parks, parking charges, double yellow lines and traffic wardensFewer cars illegally parked on streets blocking themExpensive to park car – some car parks charge per 15 minutes.
Ring roads that avoid the city centre.M8 motorway allows through traffic to avoid CBD congestion.Roads are still congested at peak times.

Congestion charges have also been introduced in London, where drivers pay a fee to take their car into the city centre.