New housing zone


New housing estate, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
New housing estate, Glasgow, Scotland

Location of a new housing zone

  • On the outskirts of the town/city in the suburbs.
  • Where there is more space to build.
  • Beside main transport routes for access into CBD.

Reasons for new housing zone location

  • Towns and cities grow outwards, so logically the newest houses will be further away from the oldest part of the town in the CBD.
  • There is more space and cheaper land to build larger family homes with gardens and garages.

Identifying features of a new housing zone

  • Low density and larger houses as the land is cheaper away from the CBD.
  • Street pattern designed by town planners in modern cul-de-sacs and crescents to make it safer for children.
  • Good quality open space, eg parks.
  • Newer, 20th and 21st century housing - likely to be detached or semi-detached houses.
  • Good quality housing with gardens and space for extensions like conservatories.
  • Surrounded by green land.
  • Separated from industry.
  • Convenience shopping facilities, eg corner shops.
  • Nearby schools for children.
  • Low levels of air pollution as it is far away from CBD traffic.
  • Quieter area with nicer scenery because of its proximity to the countryside.

An example of a new housing area in Glasgow is Newton Mearns.