Location of central business district (CBD)


Glasgow city centre
Glasgow city centre

Location of the CBD

  • In the centre of a city.
  • At the most accessible location such as at a crossing point of a river, like Glasgow's River Clyde.
  • Near the oldest part of town.

Reasons for CBD location

  • Central location for road/railways to meet.
  • Easy to get to location for workers.
  • Accessible to most people for shops and businesses.

Identifying features of the CBD

  • Tall/multi-storey buildings
  • Expensive land values
  • High density of roads and buildings
  • Lack of open space
  • Shops, eg department stores
  • Modern shopping malls and pedestrian precincts
  • Cultural/historical buildings, eg museums and castles
  • Offices, eg business sector
  • Entertainments, eg theatres and clubs
  • Bus and railway stations
  • High traffic and pedestrian flows, eg commuter rush-hour
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Grid iron street pattern

Examples in Glasgow

  • High/multi-storey buildings - Hilton Hotel
  • Modern shopping mall/pedestrian precinct - Buchanan Galleries
  • Lack of open space - Merchant City
  • Department stores
  • Cultural/historical buildings - Gallery of Modern Art
  • Entertainment
  • Transport centres - Buchanan Street Bus Station
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Grid iron street pattern - Sauchiehall Street, Bath Street and Renfield Street