Calculating relative frequency

Try out these example questions about relative frequency.


Q1. 100 people were asked whether they were left-handed. Four people answered 'yes'. What is the relative frequency of left-handed people?

Q2. A white counter was taken from a bag of different coloured counters, and then replaced. The relative frequency of getting a white counter was found to be 0.3. If the bag contained 20 counters, estimate the number of white counters.

A1. The relative frequency is:

\frac{4}{100} = \frac{1}{25} or 0.04

A2. The relative frequency of white counters is 0.3, and there are 20 counters in the bag. So, as an estimate, 0.3 \times 20 = 6 are white counters.

Relative frequency can only be used as an estimate for a true probability.
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