Word processing

Most people are familiar with word processing packages such as Microsoft Word or Writer (part of the Open Office suite).

Standard features

All word processing applications allow you to:

  • enter and edit text
  • save
  • print
  • cut/copy/paste
  • check your spelling

Cut, copy, and paste

Demonstration of the cut copy and paste function

Cut and copy work in a similar way. Highlighting a piece of text, right-clicking and selecting copy/cut will store the text in memory. The difference is that copy leaves the highlighted text behind whereas cut removes it. To insert the copied/cut text into a different area of the document, a different document, or an entirely different application altogether, right-click and select paste.

The use of cut, copy, and paste is not necessarily limited to text.

Text formatting

Formatting text makes a document easier to read. You can:

  • change font type and size
  • change the alignment of text (left, centre, right or justified)
  • bold text
  • underline text
  • italicise text
  • create bulleted or numbered lists

Other features

Other features that may be expected include find and replace, which replaces one word with another, and the ability to importgraphics, eg from a clip art library. Headers and footers and page numbering are also very useful.