Irish immigrants in Scotland

Between 1830 and 1914 over 300,000 Irish people migrated to Scotland.

YearIrish-born living in ScotlandPercentage of population
1841126, 3214.8%
1851207, 3677.2%
1861204, 0836.7%
1881218, 7455.9%
1901205, 0644.6%
1921159, 0203.3%
1931124, 2962.6%

Where did they settle?

Most of the Irish people settled in the West of Scotland, particularly in Glasgow. Other popular destinations were Paisley, Dundee and Ayrshire and smaller numbers settled in Edinburgh and Stirling.

The majority of Irish immigrants were economic migrants looking for employment. This was due to the relative lack of jobs as these cities were never industrial centres.