Verse Two: Boundless love

As fair are thou, my bonie lass

Verse two opens with inversion. The unusual positioning of the word fair draws attention to how beautiful the persona feels the woman he loves is. Bonie cements this image. Word choice of lass suggests the youth of the woman in question. This could imply the persona himself is young, which fits with the strength of feeling and the simple terms used to express it.

So deep in luve am I

Burns reverses word order once again in line two of this verse to call attention to the degree to which he loves this woman. Use of the word deep and the reference to seas, in the last line of this stanza, suggest that his affection is vast and apparently boundless like the ocean.

I will luve thee still, my dear/till a’ the seas gang dry

The persona asserts that his love will endure - presumably forever as the seas will never go dry. Hyperbole is employed here to good effect to suggest a narrative persona intoxicated by love.