Case study in a developing country - Malaria


Global malaria riskGlobal malaria risk

Malaria is usually found between the Tropic of Cancer in the north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the south. There are a number of human and physical factors which contribute to the worldwide spread of malaria.

The Malaria cycle

Causes of Malaria


  • Temperatures must be between 15 and 40°C with high rainfall – this makes the tropics ideal.
  • The presence of the female anopheles mosquito.
  • Humidity of 60 per cent and above.
  • Stagnant water, eg a lake or even a puddle, needed to lay larvae.
  • Areas of vegetation for shade to digest blood.


The effects of Malaria

Malaria is spread as the female anopheles mosquito bites a person and passes the parasite into their bloodstream, infecting them with malaria. Mosquitoes can also pick up the parasite from an infected human and then pass it on when they bite someone else.