Stock forms, types and sizes

Stock forms

Textiles are sold as different stock forms, depending on the standard sizes and thicknesses:

  • rolls and bolts - fabric is sold by the metre in the roll (circular) or bolt (flat roll) and standard sizes are 90 cm, 137 cm and 154 cm
  • denier - the unit of weight that measures fineness, used to describe the thickness of tights, where 30 denier is thin and 100 is thick, increasing commonly in increments of 10
  • ply - yarn (wool) is sold in coils, reels or balls, and ply is the number of threads spun together to create a yarn
A shelving unit in a fabric shop featuring various rolls  of fabric on the shelves.


  • buttons - available in a range of sizes, colours and materials, such as plastic, wood and metal
  • zips - fabric sides with plastic or metal teeth, sold in a variety of lengths with open (for coats) or closed (for trousers) ends
  • eyelets - usually made of metal and used as a strengthening edge to small holes like lace holes in shoes
  • buckles - an adjustable fastening made of plastic or metal for straps
  • hook and eye - a two-piece fastening usually made of metal for either side of a join, such as at the top of a zip
  • velcro - hook and loop fastening that is usually made from nylon and can be repeatedly ripped open and closed
  • press studs - a two-piece fastening made from plastic or metal
A close-up image of the toes of a pair of brown men’s shoes with eyelets.

Eyelets on shoes