The format of the exam

The Higher Biology exam is divided into two question papers

Paper 1

  • Paper 1 is composed of 25 multiple choice questions
  • Paper 1 is worth 25 marks
  • You have 40 minutes to complete this paper

Paper 2

  • Paper 2 is composed of a variety of different styles of questions (this is covered later on in this guide)
  • Paper 2 is worth 95 marks
  • You have 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete this paper

In the exam paper you will be asked two or three extended response questions: 10-15 marks in total and at least one of the extended response questions will include a choice of topic.

You will also be asked to work through one large data handing question worth 5-9 marks, one large experimental design question worth 5-9 marks.

‘A’ type questions make up approximately 30% of the whole paper.

The total available marks for the Higher Biology exam is 120 marks.