Theatre in education (TiE) and physical theatre

Theatre in education

Theatre in education (TiE) often has a very clear moral or social message for young people, who are its target audience. Elements often seen in TiE pieces include:

  • multi-roling - they are often performed in schools or community centres by a small company of actors playing more than one role
  • direct address
  • narration
  • audience participation - as they are primarily educational, the performers will often seek to engage the audience directly

Physical theatre

Physical theatre emphasises the use of physical movement for expression, and can include:

Five performers are in a line on stage in a physical theatre performance - four grasp each others waists and the fifth pulls them forward by the hand.
An example of physical theatre, Mirror, State Theater of Drama and Comedy

Working in this stylised, physical manner allows for the inclusion of interesting theatricality and movement within a performance.